Not a bank, Better.

Dot is a community-driven financial co-op and dApps store.

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Dot is a community-driven financial co-op and dApps store.

A vault
in your hand.

29+ Currencies with encrypted wallets.

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A vault,
in your hand.

Protect all of your assets, whether they’re digital or fiat with Swiss-layer security.

Keep it
all safe.

29+ Currencies and wallets. Skins, kitties, tokens, property, you name it. We support it.

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Spend, send,

On the go, online and in person. Access is always at your fingertips .

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Easy access to dApps

Your complete financial passport, in one platform.

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Powered by you, us, everyone

Come be apart of the movement that’s making waves.

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Our mission.

To boldly go where no bank has gone before.

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membership ...For the
entire family

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Free membership for life

for life

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F*ck B*nks

This is not a tee.
It’s a vote for
financial freedom.

Sign up for Dot, refer 3 friends and we’ll send you and the crew sexy black tees. Revolution is fun.

Our Soviet-era Tank

Come Thru and
Ride with us.

Sign up for a chance to ride this bad boy. We’ll film it for your insta too.